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Monitoring & performance

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Retrieving traditional WebSphere Application Server (tWAS) performance data (PMI) via the MBeans is not trivial: the MBeans providing performance data are quite complex and therefore can’t be retrieved using standard tools like e.g. Jolokia.

As an alternative way to retrieve PMI data, tWAS ships with a Performance Servlet-EAR which provides PMI data obtained from the runtime as XML data. A major drawback of performance servlet is that nowadays most modern metrics aggregation tools work with Json or plain text inputs (like InfluxDb) and don’t support (complex) XML input directly.

The idea of this project is to provide a tool to fetch and transform PMI data from XML into multiple target formats. Additional output formats can easily be introduced by writing a new output plugin.

This playbook is intented to ease and automate the deployment of HCLs DX plattform on RedHat’s Openshift plattform. Due to resource limitations testing so far was done only on RedHats CRC - Code Ready Containers plattform.

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