HCL Resources

Useful online resources related to HCL products, directly from HCL Software.

HCL DX (Digital Experience)

HCL Digital Experience builds on the solid reliability and security of IBM WebSphere Portal with dramatically improved, new features for content creators and IT professionals.

HCL Domino Volt

HCL Domino Volt is a new low-code capability that makes it easy to develop powerful, secure, and enterprise-grade workflow-based applications. While it runs on Domino, you don’t need any specialized Domino or IT skills.

HCL LEAP (Lightweight Enterprise Apps)

HCL Leap, formerly known as Forms Experience Builder, was acquired from IBM in December of 2017 and has now been released as an HCL product with new features and functionality and with the new brand identity of HCL Leap (standing for Lightweight Enterprise Apps).

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